Increasing maximum salt length in custom kernel

I'm currently working on a custom kernel (modified m00120_a3), which features a collision check for certain parts of the hash, and its going pretty well. The last thing I need is to increase the maximum salt length from 102 chars to 104 chars (+), but I have no idea on how to approach to that. Can somebody give me a hint on what to change inside the kernel?

Thank you!
If it's a custom kernel it's propably only a few hashes to crack, in this case you can simply hardcode the salt values into the kernel.
Ok thanks for the hint.
I've tried multiple things so far and I somehow cant figure out how to add the additional salt chars to the hash - even with hardcode. Especially I dont know what to change in the functions switch_buffer_by_offset_be_S() and overwrite_at_be_4x4() when it comes to the salt_len. Do I have to adjust it somehow like salt_len%102 at some point with multiple sha-iterations?
The maximum block size for 32 bit based sha* versions is 64 and 128 for the 64 bit based ones. So in case you want to compute a sha1 of an input message of length 102 you need to split them in two parts. See the increased password length support branch for an example on how to do this with sha256.