Hashcat overrides GPU fan control but doesn't use it
Hey guys

I went at some hashes, and after a while my GPU reached the max temperature of 83c, but fan speed was still at 33%. I tried increasing it to 100% in MSI Afterburner, but all fan control was lost until I quit hashcat. What's the point of controlling the GPU fan if it's by every measure worse than the stock Nvidia fancurve? Maybe I seem opinionated, but am I retarded for expecting a hashing program to prefer performance above noise? Still a great program, but please fix.
You didn't state your gpu model, driver, os...
hashcat can and does control fan speed (maybe you had warnings/errors in the output, but didn't paste them here).
You can just use --gpu-temp-disable if you want.

Read the --help and FAQ for more tips about using hashcat.
I occasionally have had similar issues.
My work around was to set --gpu-temp-disable on hashcat and let Afterburner handle the fan control.