Start at specific word in list?
Can you tell hashcat to start at a specific word in the wordlist?  I've been searching around for a way to do this and can't find anything.  The reason I want to do this rather than using --restore option is I want to be able to quit from a cracking session, change the parameters, and resume where I've left off.  

For instance I'm currently running this command:
hashcat64 --stdout -a 6 wlist.txt ?d?d?d | hashcat64 -m 2500 file.hccapx -w 3 --status

I want to try and replace it with this one to see if my performance improves:
hashcat64 -m 2500 -a 1 -w 3 file.hccapx wlist.txt numbers_3.txt

It would be great if I could tell hashcat to start at word xxxxxxxxxxxxx123.  

Also, what will happen if I use --restore from my first command?  Will it launch the left and right sides of the pipe?  Or would I have to put --restore only on the right side?  I'm worried if I quit I will lose all my progress.  

Thanks for any help.  My first post here.  
You can use -s to set the base word from where to start
Thank you. I'll give it a try.

Did you see my question about how to use --restore with a --stdout piped hashcat command at the bottom. The power went out here and lost 24 hours of progress, not sure which word I was on.
Thanks again atom. I was able to use the -s option. For anyone trying this out, -s must be a number. It is the line number of the word you want to continue on.