mschapv2 how to load?
I made one hostapd-wpe test on my system to se how radius work with man in the middle attack.

i have extracted the following from hostapd-wpe.log file.

mschapv2: Mon Jun  5 14:40:23 2017
username: itt-alex
challenge: 7b:7a:a2:85:6d:46:4d:16
response: c6:af:51:15:28:73:41:7f:3d:94:f4:73:9b:4b:bb:73:b0:3b:24:69:5e:7e:ba:04
jtr NETNTLM: itt-alex:$NETNTLM$7b7aa2856d464d16$c6af51152873417f3d94f4739b4bbb73b03b24695e7eba04

But how would i load it in hashcat/hashcatgui ? 

I know that i need to select hashtype netntlmv2 "-m 5600" for cracking.
and use itt-alex:$NETNTLM$7b7aa2856d464d16$c6af51152873417f3d94f4739b4bbb73b03b24695e7eba04 in the clipboard but i get separator error and the program quits.

Do i need to convert something before or put 
itt-alex:$NETNTLM$7b7aa2856d464d16$c6af51152873417f3d94f4739b4bbb73b03b24695e7eba04 in a emty 
.txt file ?
Please refer to this post:
Thx for pointing me to the direction.
Are there any better or easier way ?
llike with the wpa2 converter tool ?
It is pretty straight forward:
mschapv2: user:$NETNTLM$:challenge:response
netntlmv2 user::::response:challenge

Your original mschapv2: itt-alex:$NETNTLM$7b7aa2856d464d16$c6af51152873417f3d94f4739b4bbb73b03b24695e7eba04
So your hash for netntlmv2 would be: itt-alex::::c6af51152873417f3d94f4739b4bbb73b03b24695e7eba04:7b7aa2856d464d16
So i just need to remove the semicolone ?