Hashcat VS EthCracker -presale
Hi folks, lost my Ethereum password. :'(

I've been using EthCracker (https://github.com/lexansoft/ethcracker) because it's easy to setup.

But, I'm now looking at a password attempt of.. 6131066257801

That will take my Google Cloud Compute running 24 cores something like, 2 years to complete.

But, I've heard that Hashcat is faster? I'm currently able to squeeze out like, maybe 500 passwords per second.

I know Ethereum presale password support is in Beta, but Hashcat is much more complex than EthCracker. So, is Hashcat worth it for me to study? I've been studying password cracking for about a month.


Does Hashcat have the ability to build a word list, like this?

a b c
Password password p@assword
1 2 3
! @ #

To generate ALL possible combo's from this?

Hashcat doesnt currently support pre-sale($ethereum$w*) hashes. You can track the addition via the github issue here: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/1279

To answer your other question, hashcat supports many different attack methods as well as a number of mangling rules that can do what you want(and more).