Please Help
Dear All,

I'm newbie here.
I'm very interesting in this because I would like to recover my password in some wallet which is encrypted three year ago, thus I do not remember my password at that time. (and now i have save them the wallet in a USB)

So now I have download hashcat-3.6.0, but i do not know what I should to do next ...

please someone else show me where I can find either a tutorial or user guide for this software.

thanks in advance.
... "wallet", "encrypted" ...

this could be anything. There are literally thousands of different "wallet" types.

What type of wallets are you talking about? Which software was used to generate/use these wallets?
thanks for your answer philsmd,

my wallet is ChainCoin 'CHC', I'm using Win7 X64.


If you have the wallet.dat file, you could just use the normal steps:
1. use ( to extract the "hash"
2. use -m 11300 = Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.dat to crack the "hash" with hashcat
Dear Philsmd.

Thanks for your quick response,

could you please step by step instructions for processing.

I realy dont know how to do with first step.

and then for the second...
How about you think a little about it? It's a .py file and you can easily find information on how to run .py files. Then go from there.