A good hash ???

I think I do not have valid hash. I'm trying to find a lost password with the Axcrypt software. I understood that we used Python 2.7 and axcrypt2john.py to get the right hash. I do the following command line:

Python axcrypt2john.py image-hashcat-jpg.axx> hash.txt

Image-hashcat-jpg.axx is an image I have encrypted with Axcrypt using the hashcat password, so I'll compare it with the example given on this page https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku .php? Id = example_hashes, where the password for all examples is hashcat.

The problem is that the result of my command line in the hash file is:

image hashcat-jpg.axx:<hash removed by philsmd>

While the site example gives, with hashmode 13200:

<hash removed by philsmd>

The two are not the same and ... I do not understand why?

Could anyone enlighten me?

Thank you
We already explained this to you here:

axcrypt2john.py includes the file name and hashcat doesn't need that.
either use --username or remove it as simple as that.

do not continue to post hashes, it is agains the forum rules. You will get banned!