Upgrade graphic card on PC, what to buy ?
Hi, I have an old Radeon 5870 graphic card ( 1GB version ) which was really ok for me, but it is not supported any more so I must go with a new card.

I will use it only to bruteforce WPA/WPA2 using hashcat in Windows 7. I want to buy some used graphic card, low budget, and that can good handle a temperatures, and speed need to be same or close that I have with my 5870.

So what to buy or is there some best bang for the buck in budget price right now to buy ?
"low budget" can be a pretty broad definition depending on who you ask.

A GTX960 might fit your needs.
You are right. Budget is even lower.
Used gtx960 is about 150-160$, and I need something cheaper.

Radeon R9 270X is about 110$, and I hope it is with similar performances like old 5870. That is about budget that I can pay. As far sa I can see AMD cards are better bang for the buck than Nvidia, at least in this price range ?
Not necessarily. The 270X is already an old horse that cannot be recommended.
If you can afford it, have a look at a GTX1050, they start at ~100€ (new). Ti would be even better. They have fewer cores than a 270X, but at least 1.5x higher clock speed and the superior technology. And they're newer and need less power.
I have roughly about 80GB of lists in couple of files 5-6, so it is not much and I was pleased with 5870 performances eaven if it will be a little worse with new card it is acceptable.

Yes I try to find gtx1050 but there is no used cards only new, and cheapest is 100e exactly but some Zotac which I don't want to buy, second cheapest is Gigabyte model 112e. Hmm I don't know main problem is that I can't find some test tables like this one but for new cards : https://i.imgur.com/CUQtIjh.png to compare speed of graphic cards and see what I can expect for WPA/WPA2.

As far as I see this I must quit and wait that card go lower with prices or make more money to spend. Sad
GTX1050ti and bit higher you will find here: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6098.html ,use google bit more. Also some of other cards for wpa/wpa2: http://crackingservice.com/v2/?q=benchmarks

For small budget you can go with 2 x 750ti, will be more power efficient and will be faster than your current 5870.
I already found that list on : https://www.anachakhacker.com/2016/12/05...ollection/

But there is no other cards like GTX1050 that Flomac recommend... 2 x 750ti unfortunately price over 150e, and I was hot fan to have two cards, unless I really have to.

PSU is not problem I have Raidmax 1000w and power consumption of graphic card also not problem, I will not do this so often so it is only important to be cheap and that can do near 5870, but as far as I see and search I can't find something like that in my price range Sad.
In that list you can see the GTX1070 with ~285000 hashes/s. It has 1920 cores, exactly 3 times more then a GX1050. And since it also has a bit more clock speed, you can assume a GTX1050 will do around 30% = ~85000 hashes/s. That's still 10% faster than a 270X.
If you need a 1050 benchmark, I can run one when I get home, just let me know. I have one in a system there. It draws power only from the motherboard, no external power required. It is not a reference design card, I only found OEM style for the 1050s. Since I wasn't planning on using it for cracking (or even gaming) I wasn't concerned with it. I want to say I paid just over $100US for it about a month ago.
It will be great ! I need only for WPA/WPA2 so I need to know what I can expect.

Who is the manufacturer and you have 2gb version right ?