Budget New Builder Questions
(10-11-2017, 05:41 AM)Willyboy Wrote: Any suggestion on motherboard, cpu, psu, memory?

Yep, don't put too much money in it, cause it doesn't matter. Any SSD is fine, 8GB usually too. A cheap CPU like the new i8100 is already oversized. Something with two cores will do the job perfectly. The mainboard should be from very good quality if you run it 24/7. If not, it doesn't matter much too. If you want to be able to add a second GPU see if you can get a MB with PCIE-slots more than two slots away form each other (for better cooling).

And the GPU should be a FE version.
After looking around I was thinking of getting this card what do you guys think? Would this be good to start with for a good gpu? My sister said she would buy me other one in a couple weeks if the price was right. That means maybe i could have 2 in the rig.. Let me know what you think.

That's a GTX1050Ti, from the very low end of NVidia. The price seems very high, for little more you already get a GTX1060. If your sister agrees to get you the same amount of money, you could get a GTX1070 instead, which is way faster then two GTX1050Ti.

Just to give you a perspective:
GTX1050Ti: 768 cores
GTX1060 3GB: 1152 cores
GTX1060 6GB: 1280 cores
GTX1070: 1920 cores
GTX1070Ti: 2432 cores
GTX1080: 2560 cores

More cores=better performance

The GTX1060 has a good value, if you want to save money. Thing is: if you buy a complete system, than the GPU defines what performance you get for all your money. An cheap system with a fast GPU is always better than an expensive system with a crappy GPU.

And if you plan to put two GPUs in a system, you need the ones with a radial fan. Google it and you'll se what i mean.
Hey Flomac,

thanks for the break down on the cores on them. Let's say you can get the 1050Ti at a good price then down the road you get other 1070Ti or 1060. Installing 2 or even 4 different ones would that cause a problem as long as they are GTX ones but different vendors?
Putting more than one GPU in a system means you have to take cards with radial fans. Just google it and see how they look like. They push the hot air out of the case instead of swirling it around. If you put two cards in they're going to heat up each other.

Afaik the 1050Ti is not available with a radial cooler. Only the 1060 is (and 1070/1080). So buying a 1050Ti is a dead horse in any way.