What is best bruteforce dictionary for cracking Wifi Handshake File?
I have already tried Rockyou & Crackstation dictionary but no luck, can you guys recommend any other good dictionary wordlist?
Check this thread out https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6170.html
Are you using rules at all? If not I suggest rockyou and best64 for most cases.
You also need to think about the wireless points that are still using a random password that is created around a certain spec. If you can figure out what kind of router is being used then you can do a more direct mask attack. As WPA2 is slow you will want to be more targeted in your attack, rather than going through lengths of wordlists.

IMO the best word lists are ones that come from recent data breeches, as well as custom lists you have compiled over time from every cracking job you run. Do a statistical analysis on the lists you crack and see the most common patterns between passwords, and look at any passwords that are used more than once. Think about the year we live in, the generations alive now and the date ranges they have lived in (birthdays), the season we are in, current things that go viral (since millennials love memes and words like yolo; and younger people are more likely to change a wireless password than an old person who doesn't understand technology as well). Really take a look at your attack vector on your target.

Businesses love to use words like guest+storenumber, or something relevant to what they are/do.
The best lesson I can give you with password cracking with my limited knowledge is study the hardware you are targeting with wireless handshake cracking, and think about psychology.

Think like a hacker Wink