Beginner error. Please help
when I was trying for the very first time oclExample.cmd on Win7 x64, I keep getting the following error:

GPU-Loops: 1024
GPU-Accel: 160
Password lenghts range: 4 - 55
Platform: AMD compatible platform found
Watchdog: Temperature limit set to 90c
Device #1: ATI RV710, 256MB, 0Mhz, 2MCU
ERROR: clBuildProgram() -5

Why do I get this error ?

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low end ati gpus are a very sensible, especially the lower 4xxx series. since i do not have such a card i can not debug.
Thank you very much.
I will first try to upgrade my card.
In your opinion what would be a decent ATI card to buy ?

Depends on budget. For hash cracking I would go for something like 5870, 6950 and up. Also if electricity on mind - just 5xxx series. Like 5970 does same job as 6990 using ~35% less energy.
OK, thanks.