GNUPG Symmetric help

Last year, I encrypted a text file using gpg --symmetric foo.text

Checking the default options on my machine, it appears to be using SHA1 and then AES256

Password was lost, and I really need into that file.  So considering purchase of a GPU (or two) and trying to brute force it.  

Is this something I can do with hashcat?  If so, would someone please guide me to the correct method.  Assume I'll need to extract key from the file (John the Ripper has a nice utility for that), but then I don't know how to start brute forcing that key with hashcat.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You!!!
hashcat currently has no direct support for PGP/GPG.

But John the Ripper does have the 'gpg-opencl' format, which is significantly faster on GPU that the basic 'gpg' format, so using a GPU should still be quite a bit faster.