hashcatplus debug mode to show rules output
For hashcatplus, some sort of debug mode, like what hashcat can do with the "stdout" option that replaced the older "debug" options.

We need some way to test by seeing what our rules are doing.

That mode would not need to run fast, just be available option.
oclhc-plus does the same rule processing as hashcat. So why don't you use hashcat to see what your rules are doing?
That's what I'm doing presently, but am thinking about the "Future Plans" (on the wiki) for 'plus to backport the oclhashcat specific attacks into 'plus.
are you mixing up hashcat (cpu) and oclHashcat (gpu)? oclhashcat does neither have a rule engine nor a debug/stdout mode.
(12-02-2011, 06:34 AM)undeath Wrote: are you mixing up hashcat (cpu) and oclHashcat (gpu)? oclhashcat does neither have a rule engine nor a debug/stdout mode.
After seeing atom's post about "multirules" being added to 'plus, and knowing how 'plus doesn't have a way to output the results of rules, along with the wiki item about oclhashcat's attacks being backported to 'plus, I realized that 'plus is getting all the neat stuff, but doesn't yet have a way to see the effect of the rules, wanted to speak up about the need to also have regular hashcat's debug/stdout mode ported over, too.
oclHashcat-plus has two rule engines and chooses which one to use depending on which hash-mode is configured by the user. the gpu based rule engine for the fast algorithms and the cpu based rule engine for the slow algorithms. the gpu based rule engine can not generate data for print out and the cpu based rule engine is the same as in hashcat. in theory this means i could add --stdout to oclHashcat-plus but since hashcat can do it and there would be no difference in the output.
So when oclHashcat-plus 0.07 gets that "multirules" feature added, regular hashcat will also get it and we can use that to see the output of the "multirules" type rules?

Sorry to jump in on this discussion but I also would be very grateful if oclHashcat-plus could have some sort of output to file or even the screen to test rules. I have found something using hashcats filter which makes me wonder what is happening in oclHashcat-plus as I am cracking.

I believe such an output would be useful for users to test and also to enable testers to find bugs etc.

Please consider this request atom. I understand you say there are workarounds but for neatness and user convenience it would be a nice touch. Smile