toggles3.rule replacement
The toogles3.rule (included in hashcat >0.37) contains many redundant entries. This hits performance quite hard, because it's many!

T0T0T0 <=> T0
T0T0T1 <=> T1
T0T1T2 <=> T2T1T0
... aso

so here is a proper replacement:
(script in python)
for i in range(10):
    for k in range(i+1,10):
        for j in range(k+1,10):
Thank you very much undeath for finding that and pointing it out to everyone. Smile

Can I ask, have you generated new toggle rules now using your new filter ? if so are you willing to share them with hashcat users ?

Very observant of you, great find !

yes you are right and this is already fixed in the toggle rules from oclHashcat-plus. as a replacement you overwrite them. i will do the same with hashcat v0.38. thanks for reporting.