iphone backup...
OK, so in 24 hours ive plunged down the rabbit hole. My girlfriend backed up her old phone with a password, traded it in, it got wiped, we got a new phone and now cant back up because we dont have the password. pics and texts from late relatives, etc. So, I watched a dozen hashcat instructional videos and tried to get everything to work without trying to learn a whole new language. I have a pc and a mac, i tried to do it on the pc using a perl script i found but couldnt get perl to work so tried on the mac and couldnt get hashcat to work no matter what i tried. I stayed up all night and spent all morning, I know you guys are gonna fry me for "not knowing how to use my os" but I'm posting in desperation. Now, I probably wouldve had less trouble if it was an older version because the best video on the subject takes you through ios 10 and lower, and only touches on 10+. and seeing as i have 11.2 i need the dpic and dpsl values too. However, when i even attempted i realized that my free choice in hex editors dont show values or bit length. So, to anyone with a heart, I'll attach my manifest.plist from google drive. I thank you in advance, go easy on me i tried to teach myself hex in a single night. lol 

Install Perl on your windows machine

Use iTunes_backup2hashcat on the manifest.plist and it will give you an output similar to the example show here (mode 14800)

Take the output from the previous step and use with hashcat

One massive point though, you won't be getting decent speeds without some decent hardware because its a slow algorithm. If you have no idea what the password might be and you are just purely guessing, it will take a very long time.