outfile format question [HELP]
Im trying out different features of hashcat. So recently, I played with outfile formats. the Format I used was
plain: crackpos
Apparently that will give me the amount of guesses hashcat has gone through so far? anyway im using prince processor, and when i use it alongside hashcat i can see (terminal output) the `crackpos`. Those values seem realistic. When I look at the outfile, i get something in the hundred thousands and singleĀ  millions. This is what confuses me. If the average hashing speed (which i did measure) is ATLEAST 2500 k/hs per second, then the values i get in the outfile format tell me that this ( 8 hashes) would have been easily cracked within a few minutes. and the process takes 2-3 days. Why is this. Is this prince processor to blame? or hashcat? Do I have to run the command again? thanks in advance Smile