5LTC for help!
so I have the same problem the most have... Lost ltc wallet password. Already tried millions and millions combinations of some words and digits that I used to know... I used brute force with btcrecovery. So thought maybe you guys can help me and ofcourse not for free. 5ltc would be yours. I have some thoughts about what pass might be, but I already told that I tried millions of differents combo's. 
No .dat will be shared, you share your opinion and I trying to used it and if it works i will send you 5ltc's most def.
No need no bullshit comments thank you.
FYI, it is my understanding that the extract script included with BTCRecover as well as the one included with JTR will both give a privatekey safe hash, meaning that the hash can be shared without exposing your private keys or the coins in the wallet. That way others can run the hash for you without the risk of you losing your money. That said, this forum really isnt about cracking things for people so you may be better off somewhere else, like on hashkiller.co.uk. Or reaching out to someone in private. A few of us would probably have time to help, just not here.
Ok, thanks.
But maybe you can help me anyway?
I saw some examples but I don't the part where others using -m 11300 wallet.hash... But wallet file is .dat and whenever I trying to use it I get "No hashes loaded".
If I understood correct the -m 11300 wallet.dat is for btc and ltc wallets type? Next should be rule -a 1 or something and -o results.txt is output?
You will need to run bitcoin2john first and get the extracted hash before hashcat can understand and attack it. It wont run on the wallet file directly. Here is the script: https://github.com/magnumripper/JohnTheR...in2john.py
Yes I already got it. Thank you.
Maybe you could help me with settings?
I do remember that the password must start with 4 capital letters and end with 3 numbers something like: "LTCMillions123"
What would be best settings for that kind of password?