Low CPU Utilization - OpenCL
I'm running OpenCL across my Intel i9 CPU and dual GPU cards.  GPU cards are running at expected 50'ish MH/s, however, the CPU is running very slow around 4 MH/s with standard descrypt.  I've removed, reinstalled, and made sure all drivers are up to date.  I can't figure out why the CPU isn't running at the expected 45-50 MH/s.

why do you expect your cpu speed to equal the gpu speed?
Gpus are capable of up to 1000x the speed of a cpu. Depending on the hash algorithm it can run at 40mh/s on a cpu but will run 40gh/s on a GPU. Your speeds are as expected. You didn't post what GPU and CPU to compare. But if you run hashcat -b you can see how good each piece of hardware is in comparison
Thanks and sorry for lack of data. One area of comparison. With john (CPU) i achieve 40 MH/s for DES. That was a comparison I was looking for against Hashcat with GPU additional benefit. With a drop to support GPU management, I would expect, but not down to 10% of what straight John + CPU would give me. That's why I ask.

OpenCL Platform #1: NVIDIA Corporation
* Device #1: GeForce GTX 1050, 512/2048 MB allocatable, 5MCU
* Device #2: GeForce GTX 1050, 512/2048 MB allocatable, 5MCU

OpenCL Platform #2: Intel(R) Corporation
* Device #3: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-7920X CPU @ 2.90GHz, 8115/32461 MB allocatable, 24MCU

from -b

Hashmode: 1500 - descrypt, DES (Unix), Traditional DES

Speed.Dev.#1.....: 233.6 MH/s (89.56ms)
Speed.Dev.#2.....: 239.5 MH/s (87.44ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.....: 17406.7 kH/s (95.70ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.....: 490.4 MH/s