[mp64] Output Results with Max/Exact Number of Chars of Specified Charsets
Doughbray notes! (Hello!)

I modified the source of mp64.c to be able to specify how many times a certain charset will appear (max or exact) in the generated output regardless of position. Eg: EXACT: 1 symbol, 2 lowers, 0 numbers ?a?a?a?a?a?a will give outputs with exactly 1 symbol, 2 lowers, 0 numbers and 3 uppers, but the order does not matter.

The function is run at the the end and is basically an 'exclude' filter. I am positive my code could be made faster. However, when used with rules in hashcat, this is not the bottleneck (at least on my hardware).

I understand this is super-trivial to implement, yet I have not seen it implemented.

Does this functionality fit with the goal of maskprocessor? Is the implementation up to snuff? If so, how do I go about submitting it to the devs?

Attached is my raw source. I also have a "save every N number of tries" function in there. This makes it easier to save progress when piping into hashcat. Again, trivial, but I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Edit: Made it less needy.

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I think this is similar to what we do with policygen of PACK, i.e. using hashcat mask files (.hcmask) directly with hashcat.
You could achieve the same output with masks, however the mask file would be ridiculously large for lengths above 5...(hardware-dependent)

The key benefit with my 'additions' is that they facilitate piping into hashcat. I see this as most beneficial when trying to brute-force a partially forgotten pw.