Line-length exception for Etherum Wallet
Hey guys, I am having a really strange issue I cant figure out.

I am trying to recover the password for a clients ether wallet and having some trouble.

I ran on the json keystore file and tried cracking it with -m15700 (scrypt wallet) I keep getting the errorĀ Line-length exception which does not make sense to me as I am useing the proper mode and using the direct output from ether2john.

Any help would be much appreciated.
To add to this, I was getting the same error when trying to run the example hashes for ether.
The hash for -m 15700 must start with "$ethereum$s*". You need to remove all file names if there are any file names within the output of

You also should use a hash file just to make sure you are not making errors escaping the special characters within your hash (many shells see e.g. $ethereum as a variable and therefore it needs to be quoted/escaped)