Encrypted iTunes backup impossible to unlock
Hi everyone

I am pretty new to this but somehow iTunes created an encrypted backup with a new password. Usually it would use the password used for the previous backups which is not the case. I have tried 2 softwares to brute force it already but it is taking too long ( 1 week + already).

 I am in desperately need of help, I have got 10 years worth of pictures on that backup and in the meantime I broke my iPhone which got reset by these Apple Geniuses. 

I will take all the help that I can get. <REDACTED>

Thanks a lot!
Just realised I am not supposed to ask people to crack the backup for me in the forum rules. Sorry about that. It wasn't my intention to anger anyone.
Brute-forcing iTunes backup, when you have no idea how the password may look, would require tremendous amount of resources (hardware, time, electrical energy and luck). Read about dictionary attacks using hashcat then aquire password hash (https://github.com/philsmd/itunes_backup2hashcat) and some dictionaries as rockyou.txt. Run it and hope it cracks.