Fan speed problem with hashcat
Hi, I have problems to set fan speed when using hashcat.
Card is 1050ti with passive cooling until a certain temperature has not been reached ( fans start to spin on about 50 degress ). 
I m using msi after burner and manually set the fan speed and all is ok and working wel untill I use hashcat, when I for example set fan speed to 70% and then starts hashcat it works well couple of minutes then it resets it to default value and all the times situation is the same..

So I cant set manually fan speed if I m using hashcat. Anyone with this problem ?
Are you using the latest version?

this way msi afterburner will work correctly.
(03-15-2018, 01:55 PM)faberC Wrote: --gpu-temp-disable

this way msi afterburner will work correctly.

Thanks a lot, works like a charm.