"If you specify a custom charset, you must also specify a mask."
Hello everyone,

I've been having difficulty attacking my WPA2 hash with this line:

hashcat64.exe --status --outfile WPA_out.txt --outfile-format 2 -m 2500 --custom-charset1 0123456789qwertyuıopüasdfghjklşizxcvbnmçö./!+@#$%*():; --increment --increment-min=8 --increment-max=16 wpa.hccapx -a 3 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

...and getting this errror:

If you specify a custom charset, you must also specify a mask.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Isn't the mask at the end in proper format? I searched online for similar questions people might've already asked but couldn't come up with anything.

INFO: I'm running Hashcat on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine. I have confirmed beforehand that both Hashcat is running when run with simpler options, and that my WPA2 handshake capture file contains a valid handshake.

I apologize in advance for taking anyone's time and polluting the forum if this is a rookie question.
It's important to understand how your command line interpreter/shell works and what characters are special.
You can use a charset file and put your custom charset within the .hcchr file.
Alternatively, you could try to escape the special characters. It's not a problem with hashcat, but your shell/command line is already trying to interpret the special chars (before hashcat even sees the chars).
'#' marks the start of a comment in bash. So your hashcat process only sees what's before it.
I just gave that a try and it worked! Can't believe I let something so essential slip my mind. Thank you so much!

If this was a waste of space and focus in the forum, please feel free to delete the thread. I'd recommend keeping it however, as I wouldn't have made this thread asking such a silly question had someone already asked it, so perhaps it could save you guys the annoyance if it does happen to someone else.

For completeness' sake, here's the working version of my command:
hashcat64.exe --status --outfile WPA_out.txt --outfile-format 2 -m 2500 --custom-charset1=D:\hashcat-4.1.0\charsets\charset1.hcchr --increment --increment-min=8 --increment-max=16 wpa.hccapx -a 3 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1