Newbie - help please
Hi there - I am a total newbie trying to find my way around.  I've never used hashcat before and am learning how to to access an itunes backup I can't remember my password for.

I have watched quite a few tutorials and read some articles but never having used anything like this before its clear that my brain can't compute a lot of it and my head is now spinning!

I have extracted all the information I need from my manifest.plist to run 
Hash mode: 14800
Hash Name:iTunes backup >= 10.0 11 

I thought I had all I needed to go ahead and try to run hashcat... but then I couldn't even open hashcat on my terminal - doh!

I downloaded the zip file and have extracted Hashcat-4.1.0 folder to my desktop so I thought I had everything I needed 

Sorry if this is a really dumb question but how do I open hashcat in my terminal and then run the itunes back up hash?

Is there a really simple video or written tutorial which can take me through this step my step?

Many thanks in advance for any help Smile
You'll need to open a command prompt on your platform, and navigate to the directory that hashcat lives in, and execute it there.

Once you get oriented there, I would work on growing your understanding and validating your approach in two ways:

1. Pick a simple hashtype (like MD5) with a known plain, and verify that your technique is working.

2. Grab the sample iTunes backup hashfile from hashcat's example hashes list:

... and validate that you can crack it with "hashcat".