Toggle question / Emulate shift
So I'm trying to reduce duplicates in password processing, specifically around case toggling.

I'm generating a 4 char keywalk with kwprocessor including shifts, lowercase everything, sort and remove dupes. Then using prince I can make comboes and let rules handle all the case toggling (much faster than std in or a fat list).

Considering that many of these combinations have 1 or more non-letters, the toggle rule has no effect on the plain (there is no lowercase $ or 1) and a dupe is processed... at least as far as I can tell a dupe is processed. If a rule doesn't change a candidate, is there logic to skip it? I'm guessing not as it's probably faster to plow ahead than check.

Based on that assumption, I would like to figure out a way to emulate a shift: Ie 1<=>! 2<=>@ a<=>A

Is there somethng like that already?

see for ascii increment/decrement and shift left/right rule functions.
I think the goal is to replace certain characters with certain others. That's not possible with rules. hashcat-legacy had a table lookup mode which did exactly this.
undeath has it right, thanks.

The positional replace is kinda close, but trying to use it the way I'm thinking would be horrible.

The table lookup would be perfect, although I imagine there's a performance related reason they did away with it.
Hmm, there might be hope?