Launch hashcat with conrete letters in password counts
Hello. For example, i has md5 hash. And i known what this hash it`s a 7-length password contains: 2 letters "a", 2 letters "b", 3 letter "c". I don`t known positions of thoseĀ letters.
How can launch hashcat for fastest brute in this situation? If i run mask ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 and --custom-charset1 abc - this will low effectively because hashcat check "aaaaaaa", "bbbbbbb" and other wrong passwords.
I'd do that anyway. It should be fast. 7 chars with a keyspace of 3 should be super fast.
Yes, but only for simple examples. If target has big length or big charset, it`s may be very long
you can use policygen from PACK or write your own candidate generator
Yes, but longer or bigger charsets are a different case than what you asked about. You asked about a length of 7 and a character set of 3. I'd brute that. If you have longer passwords with a bigger charset, I'd use rules and wordlists first.
Note that because of markov optimization "aaaaaaa" will not be the first candidate.