Please, help identifying hash type
Hash looks like
Globally, looks like some kind of SHA-512, but there is $ sign, which presence confused me.
First part '[a-zA-Z0-9\+]{16}' looks like MD5, but have '+' sign in it.
Second part is similar to base64, but decoding results with unreadable characters.

Thanks in advance
It would help to tell us where you got the hash from, it saves us searching for it and discovering it is a HP Switch config password. On you can see it being used in config as "password hash $h$6$[...]$[...]== ".

Is this also where you got your hash from?

It could be this: but you would need to test by setting a known password first.
Yes, sorry, forgot to mention, this is hash from HP switch backup file.
I was trying to bruteforce it with hachcat, but got 'Signature unmatched' error, and if I remove '$h' prefix, I got 'Token encoding exception'.
Anyway, thanks for the reply!