How to tell hashcat to make all passwords uppercase?

I'm benchmarking eHarmony's MD5 list, using password lists and I either need to write a script to convert all passwords to uppercase, or use a rule to do it for me, along with good rules to try variations of the passwords in the lists.

What is a really good ruleset you've used, and how do I force all rules to make the passwords uppercase while trying append 1, 123, special chars, etc?  If you know...

I've been reading and it appears to me my special need is a rule list that looks like this:

u    // uppercase all
u r   // uppercase then reverse
u $1  // uppercase append 1
u $0  // uppercase append 0
u $0 $1 // uppercase append 01
u $1 $2 $3  // uppercase append 123

// basic 1337, should the rules be upper, eg sE3 since u is used first?
u so0
u se3
u sl1
u ss5
u sa4
u st7

// append some specials
u $!
u $$
u $#
u $&

// append numbers then special
u $0 $!
u $0 $#
u $0 $$
u $1 $!
u $1 $#
u $1 $$

// high freq append
u $e
u $s

/// etc

Is a rule set like this going to do what I'd like it to do?  uppercase everything first, then apply the other rules?

36953.2 kH/s
200062/1513805 (13.22%) Digests

Using just uppercase wordlist, recovered just over 200,000 passwords from eharmony md5 hash dump in about a second on a rig with 8 Tesla V100 GPUs.