word combinations with masks between
I'm trying to crack an old truecrypt file.
I remember I used two of my "usual" passwords with maybe a character or two between them..
I experimented with a known truecrypt file putting 17 passwords into a dictionary x.txt but splitting one of them in half
I extracted the first block of the truecrypt file to a file called x.
Then I found I could crack it with the command
.\hashcat64.exe -m 6223 -a 1  x  x.txt x.txt
which combined the two halves of the correct password.
Next I removed the last character of the first half of the correct password from the dictionary and tried this
.\hashcat64.exe -m 6223 -a 7 x ?a x.txt x.txt
But it didn't work
I'm guessing the ?a mask is only tried to the left and right of the dictionary combinations?

Is there any way to try it between them?

Also is there any way to iterate through the 12 truecrypt modes?
I think the easiest way is to generate a wordlist on your own with the 2 passwords and every character or two between them (if you can't program, try making it in excel with the standard tables). Then you can just attack using the standard wordlist input.
If you use 6223 you don't need to use 6221. IOW, there's a just a total of 3 modes to check: 6213 6223 6233