Old MySQL Hashes not supported in anything but Hashcat CPU?
I was working on reviewing an old MySQL cracker (mysql323 32.exe) for fun and was wondering why this older MySQL hash type is not more supported. I know it is not a good one to use but still come across them all the time. I can only use Hashcat CPU to perform wordlist attacks or raw brute-force. This is heavy on CPU loads and has mild results for me. I much prefer to work against them and with the older mysql323 32.exe as it performs a hyrbid bruteforce by using ordered mask attacks. Can this hash type be ported to oclhashcat or oclhashcat-lite please to leverage GPU? Also if considering I ported the masks over and it would be an even cooler addition if you could also add support to oclhashcat-lite to run masks from a defined masks file (instead of just one at a time). This would allow you to define mutliple masks to run at a given hash in a specific order. Any thoughts?

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i dont understand the reason for supporting mysql323 on GPU. you can just collide these hashes and if really required to not collide them, you can still hashcat cpu.
Its mostly a speed and resources request. I dont mind running things as I have been but it would be nice if I could run it in a few minutes with GPU as opposed to a few hours with CPU under high loads (worst case scenario, I admit it is usually pretty quick). The multi-mask idea was just another idea I had that thought might be good in certain conditions where you like to test in a given systematic approach.
i doubt you can do it a few minutes with gpu since special techniques heavily depending on memory access. memory access on GPU = big slowdown.
OK fair enough, appreciate the feedback none the less - had to throw it out there Smile