OpenCL errors
I am having a bit of difficulty running hashcat on my new system. I have checked the opencl compatibility with my system and it should be there can you tell me what I am missing?
.png   error.png.png (Size: 68.34 KB / Downloads: 17)

.png   system.png.png (Size: 41.07 KB / Downloads: 12)
Try again:
- with latest version : 5.1.0
- without --force option
and post again.
(12-10-2018, 10:28 AM)Mem5 Wrote: Try again:
- with latest version : 5.1.0
-  without --force option
and post again.
That seems to be it. Thanks.
FYI, Intel’s OpenCL platform is pretty broken and you reaaalllllyyy shouldn’t use a laptop for cracking. You’ll melt it.