Hash not found
Hey guys. I had the following problem: I was running a 10 digit bruteforce attack against a hash, took me 24h and nothing, but days later I checked the founds archive and there was the following line instead of the password (screenshot below attached). I assume It has found the right password but instead of writing it correctly into the list, It wrote this..

"HCPX    VIVOFIBRA-48DD                  ¢q(žmGxã|#YØr#àHÛy„8ùîh®gè‹^&mÁVVKݳœJ6Aý=§¿Éˆ®¤pÖ7´üºf?¿' Ò#Ao  –ÕiG 8Y#!³¥š¥[: ®Dy  u

         ºf?¿' Ò#Ao  –ÕiG 8Y#!³¥š¥[: ®D                                                 0  ¬  ¬  ¬                                                                                                                                        

Any ideas what could have happened?
Thanks in advance

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I guess you are confusing something and did (maybe accidentially) put the content of the .hccapx file into that found file.

see https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=hccapx

the "HCPX" is clearly a sign that that is not the hash output (cracked line), but the input file (*.hccapx).

You probably somehow added it by accided maybe with a "cat a.hccapx >> a.found" or something like this.