Help performing a mask-attack on 1 MD5
Hello, I've never used anything but straight attack mode with rules, however i'd like to try mask attack on a specific single MD5.

Based on other hashes I've cracked its expected to to start with Uppercase char, lowercases in middle, followed by numerics, ends with special characters.

These are actual cracked hashes, im expecting the one i want is to be similiar:


Expected length is between 8 to 14 chars

How do i perform such attack?
you should have a look here:

especially the .hcmask file section could be interesting too:

you could also use the mask files shipped with hashcat, because they are quite good (of course) and apply some filter to it:
grep '^?u' masks/rockyou-7-2592000.hcmask | grep '?s$' | grep -v '?s?' | awk 'length > 15' | awk 'length < 29'

btw: your policy is kind of contradicting with your examples, you said "ends with special characters" but your example is "Support@123" which ends with numbers.

I would also suggest checking out of the 3rd party tool PACK:
(which is able to generate the .hcmask files automatically for you, depending on your policies/rules)

you should then run hashcat like this:
hashcat -m 0 -a 3 -w 3 -O hashes.txt mask_file.hcmask