Hashcat failing when hashes.txt has multiple different hashes in it
Hi there

I'm trying to dehash some combolists (email:pass) in Hashcat, but i'm facing a huge problem
the pass are mixed with 2 different hashes type,
so when i run my commands on Md5 phpBB3, i get like 2500/6000 "Line-Lenght Exception" for the 2500 lines that do not countain Md5 phpBB3...

until then, ok, Hashcat should decrypt the 3500 Md5 phpBB3 hashes, so i let it run
but when crack is finished, i do the command to save it from hashes.txt to cracked.txt and it's doing nothing (cracked.txt = standing blank with 0ko).

This is happening to me more and more with several combos, and sometimes even with a single line-lenght exception

Example of what countains my hashes.txt file (2 diferrent hashes type there) :

Could someone help me ?
Is there a command to dehash 2 kinds of hashes in a same email:hashedpass file ?
How can get my results in cracked.txt ? (and just run the commands one by one with different hashcode...)

Thank you very much !
Updating : i had found something through different commands when the crack is done but it's actually not working

everytime i have a line-lenght exception, my cracked.txt goes blank... Help Sad

Username and email can be exchanged, the procedure is the same
Yes, so do I. I use some hash cracked from another way, add it to the hashcat.potfile and use --show but just have token leght exception, cracked.txt 0kb.....
as the above mentioned wiki post explains, you need to use --show --username and the original hash lists:
hashcat -m x --show --username hashes.txt

where x must be replaced with the correct hash type (see https://hashcat.net/wiki/examples_hashes or run hashcat --help)

The default session name is "hashcat" and therefore hashcat.potfile will be used. If you have used a different --session name during the cracking phase, you need to use --session [my_session_name] for the --show command too (where [my_session_name] must be replaced by the name of your session, default is "hashcat").