hashcat dictionary issues
Hello. to begin I split my 11 gb dictionary with unxupdates split.exe the file splits fine and is equal size down to the last byte. I have also split with fsplit and many other programs thinking it was a split error but i did a test and made them 100 lines long so i could open them with a text editor and everything was there

[Image: 37b82aefbc9754b4bcfd026cf2f3b2d3.png]

the first file testaa works fine and progress #'s are high and end candidates#1 are ( word -> word)
[Image: 627e622d1667f4429f5f39ddd6279ee3.png]

any of the other split parts result into this, progress #'s are 0 and candidates#1 [copying]

[Image: 9106ad41f328cec01184660e61f9d412.png]

is this actually working and its just me thinking its bad or is something really wrong.
your dictionary cache says "Passwords: 1" so it looks like the wordlist file is broken.
@undeath thanks for the conformation, but how would i fix this? it must be split as i cant run the full 11 gb at once.
maybe your split.exe has some bug. Try using gate from https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat-utils

or maybe your original wordlist contains some large chunks of garbage.
There seems to be something funky even with the first file as well. Less than 10 million candidates in a 512MiB file => Avg password length is 54 characters