no such directory after make install
Hi, i recently upgraded hashcat for the PMKID wifi hack because i only had the old version and 16800 was not a known hash type.

So i followed the instructions to remove and re install the latest version with the followingg commands.

apt-get remove hashcat

git clone

cd hashcat


make install

But when i tried to run hashcat i got this error

bash: usr/bin/hashcat: no such file or directory

Any1 have any idea as to why this wont run

i have found a haschat directory and i can ls and return all files including hashcat

but then there is another directory 

/usr/local/share/doc/hashcat the does not contain a hashcat file

has all the others  
charsets docs directorys(ect) 
and files example.dict (ect) 
but i cant see a hashcat


I could not place a thread in the troubleshooters forum
ok, i got it running with this

This should explain it better, note that the apt-get remove in this case represents the rm command:

Quote:root@ro:~# touch /usr/bin/bla
root@ro:~# chmod +x /usr/bin/bla
root@ro:~# rm /usr/bin/bla
root@ro:~# bla
-bash: bla: command not found
root@ro:~# touch /usr/bin/bla  
root@ro:~# chmod +x /usr/bin/bla
root@ro:~# bla
root@ro:~# rm /usr/bin/bla
root@ro:~# bla
-bash: /usr/bin/bla: No such file or directory