build for windows from linux
I tried to build hashcat targeting win32 and win64 (following from lubuntu but got an error "no rule to make target win32" Stop. Can I build on linux targeting windows or should I build from windows using msys2?
this has nothing to do on where you use the "win32" target, because it doesn't exists anymore! it's just a very recent change:

it means that there won't be any 32-bit binaries, except if you compile the executables yourself on the target (32-bit) system with "make win"
#3 was updated
I did a git pull, updated everything, tried make again but got another error. I installed gcc-mingw-w64 and mingw-64. Tried make again and got another error. This time it says iconv.h is not found. Do I have to change sources to point to /usr/include/iconv.h ? I'm on lubuntu 16.04, so it's a bit old.

Edit.: Finally was able to compile to win. I've read the makefile and found instructions about win-iconv and patching the makefile. Thank you.

Edit2.: Well, my build has something wrong. If I issue a "hashcat --help", I get a "hashcat (v5.1.0-652-gc43ef40) starting..." but nothing else. The official binaries are working fine.