7z2Hashcat + -m 11600 issues
Hey folks, a friend has asked me to crack a small (33kb) 7z file he's forgotten the password to. I've used 7z2Hashcat to extract the following:

Position 1: $7z
Position 2: $2
Position 3: $19
Position 4: $0
Position 5: $
Position 6: $8
Position 7: $ad4cd6f5cbb39e780000000000000000
Position 8: $approx 61000 digits....
Position 9: $29304
Position 10: $09

When running it through hashcat, it fails with a 'no hashes loaded' and when trying Hashcat Beta (5.1) it starts to run but then fails with a segmentation error. 

I can tell than there is LZMA2 compression from the $2 at position 2, but i'm unclear how to make that matter....

The actual hash at position 8 seems faaaar too long to be correct also. 

Any ideas?

Thanks all.
are you able to debug where/who crashed ?

It could be the driver too and in this case maybe just a setup/driver installation problem, dunno.

Did you try to test with the example hashes from https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes ?
I've not debugged before but always willing to learn. I've tried to 'format' the hash to be like in the example but then I get a 'seperator unmatched' fail followed by 'no hashes loaded'

Driver is working well - i've used Hashcat successfully with lots of other hashes & attacks, just this one is perplexing me...
without the hash it's very difficult (or impossible?) for me to say what's the problem.

Maybe you can share the hash in a PM or try to generate a new hash with the 7-Zip tool that also crashes and share one of this examples in a PM.

If the example hash works (and the driver isn't crashing because of some weird library problems etc), the target hash should work too.
PM sent, thanks. I'll try the 7z2hashcat tool again.
as mentioned within my reply to your PM (I don't know if you saw it), I couldn't reproduce the problem with your hash.
Neither with a windows system, nor with a linux system...

normally the windows operating system is more sensitive to memory (RAM, buffer overflow etc) problems... but still I couldn't reproduce it there.

My guess is that it could also have something to do with your setup/driver etc, but I'm not sure.

I also mentioned within my private reply to your PM that you should test with a different OpenCL device (i.e. with -D 1 or changing -d x)... or even try with a completely different operating system (e.g. linux instead of windows or vice-versa) or a different computer (for instance asking a friend, or testing with a notebook etc).

I tested with latest beta from https://hashcat.net/beta and couldn't see any crashes with your hash...
It could still have something to do with other parameters you use for hashcat or even further factors (like which driver / hardware you have)... we would need to pinpoint this to find out the main problem
Sigh, these things are sent to try me...

Ok fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, Nvidia drivers - all tested & benchmarked, works fine. Download the hashcat beta which fails with a glibc 2.28 issue....do a bit of research and it *shouldnt* but it does....ok, back to regular hashcat. Use your awesome 7z2hashcat tool to extract the hash from my 7z file - get the same results as above (veeeery long hash) and pass it to regular hashcat which fails with a Token length exception (with a red no hashes loaded).

Phil - OK if I shoot you a PM with the actual 7z file to see if your 7z2hashcat gets the same results?