Brain with NetNTLMv2, WPA2, Kerberos TGS, etc.
Just to confirm, brain is pretty much worthless for these hash types correct? Even with --brain-client-features 2? I'm not sure if it's a bottleneck of my 100 Mbit LAN connection, but the most I can see with 8 GPUs for NetNTLMv2 for brain-features-2 is about 28,000 kH/s. This is using a rockyou wordlist with best64 rules.

Without brain, that number jumps to the MH/s obviously.
Right, the max. cracking speed is around 500kH/s. The 28kH/s is only because by default not all feature sets are enabled.
Thanks, atom. What is the maximum rate achievable on a 100 Mbit connection if using brain-features 3?
In theory multiple GH/s, but the slow candidate modes is it that creates the bottleneck here, not the brain.
Ah good to know, I was beginning to worry that I needed to move some thing arounds to get a gigabit connection going. But if 100 Mbit is fine and won't be the cause of the bottleneck, I'll leave thing as it is.