Hashcat-util to split plains in half for use with combinator
I noticed that many passwords consist of <word><number> or (less common) <word><word>. I think it would be possible to find a lot more plains by splitting the existing plains in half and recombining them with a combinator attack (I got a large number of a recent dump by hybrid len4 + 4 char mask).

Here is what I'm thinking for features:
1.) Creates two output files
2.) Splits plains in half by default, odd-length plains round up for first half and round down for second half (i.e. "apple1234" is split into "apple" and "1234")
3.) Can specify exact length of first half (i.e. --prefix 3 means "apple1234" becomes "app" and "le1234")
4.) Maybe allow for processing of specific lengths only (i.e. --req-length 8 will ignore "apple1234" and "theman" but will split "fastcars")

Maybe there are other useful aspects I haven't thought of.
atom implemented it in one evening! Here's the documentation:
finished in beta