Double Sha256 Algorithm
Hi there, 

my hash function is sha256(sha256($content)), is there any way to support this method? 
My dict size is quite small (52^(4 ~ 6) * 10000), is it possible to crack in less than 10 secs?
The algorithm would need to be added, or at least a module defining it. To complete that keyspace in 10 seconds, you would need an INSANE amount of power. At a conservative 8GH/s (RTX Titan sha256($pass) benchmarks at 8.7GH/s), it would take you 7 hours on 1 RTX Titan to complete your target keyspace. So if you keep that ideal speed of about 8GH/s, it would take ~2500 RTX Titans to complete in 10 seconds. Not considering your spin up time to even launch that sort of attack would be longer than 10 seconds. Whatever you are trying to do is not feasible.