Poll: Feature/Algo poll oclHashcat v0.23
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Support reading salt in hex (replaces fixed salt length)
2 6.90%
Increase password length limitations (lowers speed by 5% - 15%)
2 6.90%
MD5(Wordpress) / MD5(phpBB3)
7 24.14%
FreeBSD MD5 aka md5crypt aka MD5(Unix)
15 51.72%
0 0%
3 10.34%
Total 29 vote(s) 100%
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Feature/Algo poll oclHashcat v0.23
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4 days left Smile
Let's go for md5(unix) \o/, so cool.
ok thats a clear result Smile thanks again to all who participated.

to be honest, i expected this result and i think more requests will follow on heavy iterated hashes like md5(unix), phpass or maybe wpa. attacking these hashes with hybrid/combinator attack would take years even with nowadays gpus. but oclHashcat is designed to run hybrid/combinator attack. so it makes sense to a have special (new) solution. i am thinking of a simple dictionary gpu cracker. such a cracker was requested a few times in the past and i think it fits to these heavy iterated hashes.

so thats the plan. expect a 3rd generation hashcat application for dealing with heavy iterated hashes.

before i start this i will release a new version of oclHashcat with even more improved multihash performance (especially on ati) in the next weeks.
finally i have a working beta for this. if someone is interessted in testing please come to IRC.
(08-23-2010, 01:12 PM)atom Wrote: finally i have a working beta for this. if someone is interessted in testing please come to IRC.
I don't use IRC, so is there any chance to do any besta testing ?
Contact me by pm about details, in case I'm allowed. Thanks.
the reason for IRC is that we can have direct conversation if something is not working. if you have firefox just click on that url: irc://irc.rizon.net:6667/hashcat it will load the mibbit applet so need for you to install any irc client