Will hashcat support pkzip2? I lot of guys really need it, ofc it's aes-256, but does it really matter if you have a lot of GPU?
see , it's work in progress. I have no clue what you are trying to say with that sentence regarding AES, the main problem was that we have to do huffman coding/archive decompression on GPU to make it meaningful/fast enough. The PR linked above does everything on GPU already, but some improvements are currently worked on.
Did anyone got this working?

Got it working in benchmark for mode 17200, seems I just can't tell it to accept the zip file.

Tried giving it the straight zip file name, the output of zip2john in both filename and written via "`cat`" argument and lastly snipping part (the hex encoded zip payload within zip2john output) of it, I always get hash-length exception... How to tell hashcat to give it a go?