Restore point stays at 0

I am using the following command on windows hashcat64

hashcat64 -m 16800 C:\Users\user\Documents\password-cracking\Handshakes\pmkid_test_**-**-**-**-**-**.16800 C:\Users\User\Documents\password-cracking\rockyou.txt -r C:\Users\User\Documents\password-cracking\hashcat-5.1.0\rules\dive.rule -w 4 --session=test

However my restore point is

Restore.Point....: 0/14344385 (0.00%)

When using only wordlists with no rules I have a restore point like usual. Any idea why this is happening? Does a restore point not get generated when using the -r and not having a pre-generated rule list?

I apologize if I am being unknowledgeable or if this is not the correct place to place this question.

Thank you.
You're using lots of rules. Hashcat will take a bit to reach a checkpoint.
Hmm interesting I have tried it with a much smaller rule set such as rockyou best64 and I never get a restore point. With my set up it runs with in 5 min.
Number of entries in the hashfile also has a big influence.