Cannot load module ./modules/module_02000.dll
I am trying to troubleshoot a rule that I am making, and on the wiki page, it gives a simple example of how to output a list of the password candidates created by your rule.

Please see the "Debugging Rules" section in:

When I follow the simple example provided, I get the following error:

[Image: BJlC358.png]

I have looked through the modules folder and they all begin with with either Module32_ddddd.dll, or Module64_ddddd.dll, and none of them are Module32_02000.dll, Module64_02000.dll or Module_02000.dll.

Am I missing a module?
The module should be in the OpenCL folder. Is it there?
(07-06-2019, 11:00 AM)undeath Wrote: The module should be in the OpenCL folder. Is it there?
No, there are no .dll files in that folder, they are all .cl files, and none of them are named module_02000.dll.

I just downloaded a fresh copy of Hashcat, and it is the same.  No .dlls in the OpenCL folder.  Do you have the module in your OpenCL folder?  Where did it come from?
if I download the beta version from I definitely see a file in the modules folder named

32-bit support was removed in recent versions of hashcat, but if you know how to compile them yourself you can still compile and use 32-bit binaries. (it's just not present in beta and/or release versions)
Thanks.  I was not using the beta version, but my PC is a 64 bit and I am using Nvidia 1080.

I wonder why the default version on the program is missing modules.


I get this error now:
module context size is invalid. Old template?

Invalid hash-mode '2000' selected.

But I am able to make it work if I use Hashcat.exe instead of Hashcat64.exe.

Thanks for the help!
there is no such file like hashcat64.exe within the beta version. if you have that file extracted, you are doing something horribly wrong (pebcak). It's easy to proof that the file under has no hashcat64.exe file.

Extracting one archive over the other within the same directory (I assume you did that) can result in to many, many weird errors. do NOT do this !
Yeah, that is exactly what I did. I will make a new copy, and move all my rules, password files, and masks manually.

Thanks again.