Predicting Checkpoint
I am running a long cracking session (~88 Days) and I need to take the machine down for maintenance and to add more cards, the issue is I am only getting about 1.1% per day, and I have no idea how long its going to take to hit the next checkpoint.

1) Is there a way to calculate when the next CP (.restore) will update?
2) I am using wordlist + rules (-a 0) is it possible to restart a new session and just (-s) skip to the current candidate
3)Is this a case to manually edit the .restore file so I dont lose 3+ days worth of progress?

Progress.........: 1645549952473/12474051712610 (13.19%)
Restore.Point....: 23771708/239908678 (9.91%)
Okay just read over the 5.0 release notes, it appears that Brain may be able to solve this problem all together, if I understand correctly if I use the brain server then it wouldn't matter if I reached a checkpoint or not, simply quitting and restarting the same crack would automatically discard the work that was already done.

One question about that, how / when does brain save from short term to long term .. directly what happens in the even of a crash or power failure, do you loose everything in the short term db?