Help me install hxctools
It's missing the openssl source on Cali so I downloaded the openssl source however as I'm sure you know I have to get all the paths correct for example in hcxtools.c (or roughly that name) it includes,

#include "openssl/sha1.h"

Now I'm pretty decent with c/c++ in windows using C::B's or MVS etc I can just set library directories in the IDE settings however I'm a bit lost with Linux.

So how do I tell the compiler where the openssl directory is. I mean it's sitting on the desktop however I need to link the directory in the make file i think?
well, this is the hashcat forum. so you won't get too much help here (hcxtools is a 3rd party tool).

I would suggest that you just install the headers / dev / libs package too like "libssl-dev".

If you mean this:
#include <openssl/sha.h>

you also need libssl-dev for the deverloper packages (source files) on debian/ubuntu and similar distros.

you can just read here for the requirements:
you do not need to guess it or try to find it out yourself, it's written/explained over there !

Again, this is not really a hashcat specific problem, so it's kind of off-topic here
Well, you could ask in this thread:
just install the openssl-dev package in your os