Need help
Hello! Im totally new to Hashcat and have not used any such tool before.

I have a email adress with like ~5 missing characters and i also have the md5 hash of the full email. And i guess this would not be super hard to crack. 

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how i should do this, and if possible give example of a full hashcat command.


What i got:

email: example****
md5 hash: 120b8510fd7091bc12f890433f65036f

GPU: Rtx 2080

Help me crack the unknown characters please. The above is just an example but the adress i got is in the exactly same format.
md5 ("") == 120b8510fd7091bc12f890433f65036f

it's against the forum rules to post hashes

you could use different types of attacks, -a 3, -a 7 (yeah even -a 1) and of course also a -a 0 attack with a --stdout pipe on the left side (e.g. -a 3 on the left) . chose the one that is the fastest and more convenient for you (e.g. less disk space needed, but still very fast speed)

I don't really understand what the real question is. Do you want to increase the length during the attack with --increment ? You could also just run several commands in sequence, like one with ?a?a?a?a and afterwards another one with ?a?a?a?a?a

For a general overview and explanation about mask attack see

hashcat -m 0 -a 3 -w 3 -O 120b8510fd7091bc12f890433f65036f example?a?a?a?

you can use mask files instead if you use a mask attack with several different mask that you want to run in sequence (like example?a?a?a? and example?a?a?a?a?

Also note that the static/constant string at the start "example" isn't very good to achieve full acceleration. You could try to work around problems with speed drops with other attack modes and/or stdout/pipe

hashcat --stdout -a 3 example?a?a?a? | hashcat -m 0 -w 3 -O 120b8510fd7091bc12f890433f65036f

the problem here is that with -m 0 = MD5 it doesn't really make much sense to use pipes because it will be slower in most cases Sad other hash types (slower ones) are not affected by speed reduction (bottlenecks) when using pipes