Windows XP + ATI - ERROR: there is no OpenCL compatible platform
I installed Cat.10.6, + OpenCL SDK 2.1 (it was hard to find it for XP - link on AND site was dead, I found it here), but when I tried to run Hashcat-0.22 - I have an error.
What's wrong?
maybe your gpu is not supported by ati's opencl runtime?
I have Radeon 4850 - that is supported by OpenCL.
i have the same card and it works fine on my computer. can you please paste the output of the CLInfo.exe program?

it is part of the SDK installed here: ...\Documents\ATI Stream\samples\opencl\bin\x86\CLInfo.exe
Hmm, strange, CLInfo fails with exception; HelloCL reports that Platform::get failed (returns -30), other samples reports "Error: NULL platform found so Exiting Application."
OS: XP SP2, catalyst 10.6 is really installed (checked in CCC software info)...
sounds very simple. it is just opencl which is not working on your computer. i dont have winxp installed and i dont have any experience with opencl on winxp on ati. maybe some other user can help?