partial match
Hi! I would like to find a partial match of a password i.e. the password is 20 characters long and if I find part of it, it will help me recognize the rest... I have a number of different passwords that I use and lost one of a veracrypt file I have. I sort of use a similar theme for my passwords with a few variations and finding part of the password would help me structure a better search. Any ideas? Thanks
Are you saying you think you already know half the password? And just want to crack the remaining part? Or are you trying to recover part of the password to then recover the rest? Because recovering part of the password isn't possible.
So you don't know any of the password by the looks of it. Sorry Wayne it's not possible to recover just part of it.

But imagine if it was........... 12 character password becomes 6. Pas******234. Can you tell what it is yet Wink
Yeah, I know the structure but I cannot remember what I used... something like Abcde12Abcde$1234%1234# ...will have to try a mask attack and see what happens...thanks!